Hello! My name is Katie. Welcome to Honey Light Photography.

What began as a childhood obsession with documenting everything with disposable cameras grew into a deeper obsession with taking pictures of my kids. Now I have turned my hobby into a business!

I have a wonderful husband, three beautiful and crazy daughters, and one sweet baby boy. Becoming a Mom has made it even more apparent to me that “time is fleeting,” and that “the days are long, but the years are short.” Through all of the moments in my life, I am SO glad that I have pictures to look back on (and I think my family will appreciate it too!). I believe that photography is a way to make time stand still in a way that nothing else can. Though it feels as if time is going so fast as my kids grow, I am comforted knowing that I will have a collection of pictures of our family through the years. I am here to help you do the same!

Life is short: Eat the cake. Buy the shoes. Take the pictures!


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